Metamaterial-like Vibration Isolation of Mass Chain-filled Carbon Nanotubes



报告题目:Metamaterial-like Vibration Isolation of Mass Chain-filled Carbon Nanotubes

时 间:201936日(周三)下午3:00

报告人:茹重庆 教授 (加拿大阿尔伯塔大学)

地 点:明故宫校区A18-807会议室  




Inspirited by recent literature on metaelastic materials of locally resonant microstructure, vibration of CNTs (carbon nanotubes) filled with mass chains (such as carbon atom-chain or C60 molecule chain) is studied as a potential new kind of metaelastic materials. Our work revealed that a mass chain-filled CNT does exhibit negative effective mass density and an associated bandgap within a certain terahertz range of frequencies. Our results clearly confirmed that when the applied exciting frequency falls in the bandgap, forced vibration of the mass chain-filled CNT is highly isolated nearby the site of the applied stimulus and all other parts of the filled CNT remains essentially static. This result predicts that mass chain-filled CNTs could offer a new kind of metaelastic materials and exhibit remarkable vibration isolation in the terahertz range. The results shown here may provide useful insights into vibration controlling of CNT-related materials at terahertz frequencies.



Dr. Chongqing Ru is currently a Professor in department of mechanical engineering, University of Alberta, Canada. Dr. Ru received his doctorate in solid mechanics at Peking University (China), and then worked in the Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Science and held a number of visitor/research positions in several universities in Italy, USA and Canada. He joined the University of Alberta in 1997 and became a Professor in 2004. Dr. Ru’s past research areas include plastic buckling of structures, mechanics of elastic inclusions, electroelastic mechanics, and some applied mathematics problems related to solid mechanics. Besides traditional areas of solid mechanics, his recent research interests include solid mechanics at micro/nano scales, solid mechanics of soft matter, and solid mechanics of thin film materials.